Inspired by and made for the young urban guy who not only lives in but becomes part of his surrounding urban hangouts, the new collection from ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES is truly casual streetwear. The brand’s strong jeanswear heritage stays intact throughout the collection, finding itself refreshed by surprising print placements with a hint of the 90s rough detailing.  

The ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES AW collection oozes of young urban vibes. Strong references to the brand’s jeanswear heritage mix with a hint of 90’s vibes with interesting detailing creating ready to wear casual streetwear.

Designer Lise Weisbjerg explains:

“There’s a lot of urban storytelling in the graphics and the hand drawn feel – the DIY vibe. The 90s inspiration is mostly seen in artworks, fittings and colour blockings. But the 90s don’t merely serve as inspiration – it is actually the year the brand was founded, so you could say it’s inspiration as well as origin bringing a straight forward honesty to the collection. That thought is in line with the whole idea of staying true to your origin – being a jeanswear brand”.

The casual jeanswear look is carried through to the detailing. Rough edges, cable structures and oversize fits are only interrupted by new print placements and structures like the not-to-be-missed terry look.

Colourwise the collection stays true to its jeanswear heritage by working with the blue nuances, deep red and a bright red.

Interesting structures are also seen throughout the collection. There’s the terry look creating a casual washed vibe and the cable structure in the knits

The urban storytelling does not only work as an inspiration – a base – its presence is clear in the all-over prints. It’s the DYI attitude represented in the graphic part of the collection. All-over, micro ‘O’ print reminding you of the cool street art and graffiti that defines the urban neighbourhood topped off by new print placements and a mix of print techniques – the ‘O’ of course being the first letter of ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES

Long bomber jacket & camouflage with a twist  

One of the main pieces to highlight from this collection is the long bomber jacket. ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES has taken the classic style and given it a twist. It has a longer fit and the detachable hood gives it a clean look. It’s the possibility to be flexible when it comes to both functional needs and the need for a different look. Colourwise it leans towards the micro-trend of the season: camouflage with its dusty green and grey tones. Lise continues:

“Camouflage is worked into the collection in a very versatile way. It’s not just print, but structured blue tone-on-tone jacquard and not to forget the small hints of orange that give a strong twist to the typically tone-on-tone design. It’s a cool detail – like the detachable patch with strong military references on the stylised hooded shell jacket. The blue tones of course as a strong reference to the brands’ jeanswear roots.”