Ever wondered how a Formula One driver dresses off the clock? Check out four Kevin Magnussen looks.

A Formula One season is long and intense – but we managed to get some cool pictures of KMAG in some great clothes that have no yellow tones at all. A car did sneak its way into the pictures, though. A classic Renault Alpine in case you were wondering.

Denim on denim just never gets old and for Kevin Magnussen it’s a classic go-to look for downtime. Well-worn dark blue jeans paired with a light blue denim jacket with cuffed sleeves give you the perfect jeanswear look.

Streetwear done right. Black on black, with a shiny black bomber that gives the look some edge. A sports inspired look with high comfort that doesn’t compromise on style.

Kevin Magnussen wearing Jack & Jones

Maybe not what you would consider classic off the clock attire, but a great suit is without a doubt a wardrobe staple. Whether you wear it on an everyday basis or as in Kevin’s case on special occasions. You never go wrong with a classic navy blue suit with a contemporary fit, a crisp white shirt and black tie. Dressed for success.

Renault Alpine

Bringing it all back to the car, which is what it is all about, of course – you might think that a Formula One driver’s heart only beats for high-tech engines with extreme speed, but actually Kevin also has a great love for old beauties such as the Renault Alpine.