Making high-quality jeans is a craft; something that takes years and skills to master. For decades, Italy has been one of the world’s leading denim nations. Especially when it comes to weaving and treatment technologies, the Italians are always one step ahead. That’s why we’re so proud to offer an extensive selection of Italian JACK & JONES jeans that are hand-finished at some of the best Italian laundries.

The making of all Italian JACK & JONES jeans is done with a class leading combination of artisanal skills and advanced technologies. What we get is a superior product that quality wise is on par with brands that charge way more than we do. That’s what you get when you combine our motto of “craftsmanship and dedication” with a value-for-money principle.

Do you know how many processes it takes to make that pair of jeans you’re wearing? Read about the JACK & JONES Jeans Journey here:

Step 1 – The Denim

Step 2 – Sewing 

Step 3 – Treatments