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How To Wear Cargo Shorts

Summer is coming and it’s time to sport something other than your beloved denim shorts. It just so happens that cargo shorts are back.

Cargo shorts have proven more than a fleeting trend and moved on to become a classic look for men. Whether you’re a timeless and classic type of guy or a street wear dude, there’s something for everyone.

Soldier up, private 

Traditionally, cargo shorts were made for tough outdoor activities and army combat. Now they’ve become a global fashion trend. And one that’s proving to have staying power. Armed and dangerous, this earthy-hued army piece has retreated from the battlefields and moved onto the fashion-forward stage.

Keep it casual and relaxed 

Cargo shorts were designed to be functional and comfortable, and we’ve kept those qualities in our collection. Whether you’re walking the dog, fixing the car or going on a hike, this is home territory for cargo shorts.

How to style cargo shorts 

Cargo shorts are versatile and convenient. That being said, there are times they’re more suitable to wear than others. As a rule of thumb, when you think cargo, think casual and laid-back styling.

For a dressy style, sport them with an oxford shirt and you’ll be all kinds of all right. This preppy look can be perfect for a hot summer date if the location is appropriate. If you’re looking for something a little more urban and effortless, wear them with a white tee and a denim jacket (no socks with this look).



There’s one major downside of skinny fit jeans – they’re often not exactly flexible. We’ve found a solution to that.

Skinny jeans have become hugely popular. Only a few years ago, this kind of jeans was mainly worn in certain subcultures and niches, and not so often by men. Today, teenagers and senior business professionals alike closely wrap their legs in skinny fit jeans without thinking twice about it. This new trend has presented makers and wearers with a few issues.

By design, the twill weave that almost all denim is made of isn’t particularly stretchy. When you pull on a pair of jeans that only barely fit you, they better be a little forgiving. Otherwise it can get awkward and nearly impossible to do very basic everyday tasks like sitting down!

Without stretch it can be almost impossible to move in skinny jeans. If you’ve ever tried getting onto a bike in a pair of non-stretch skinny fit jeans, you know what we’re talking about.

What you need is flexibility and that’s why denim makers are putting so much attention on stretch denim. Although stretch yarn technology has come a long way since the earliest stretch jeans of the 80s, they’ve only recently figured out how to make stretch denim with the aesthetic characteristics of the original rigid denim made from 100% cotton. And they’re still struggling with one major issue with stretch denim – the fact that it gets saggy as you wear it. Now, we’ve found a solution. With one of our latest innovations, we combine the fashionable skinny fit with almost unlimited flexibility to move.

We call it Super Stretch!

Our Super Stretch denim stretches to extreme dimensions without getting saggy. This is possible with the innovative fibre mix that the yarn is made of. It’s a so-called core spun yarn where cotton is wrapped around elastane. What’s unique about Super Stretch is that there are actually two core filaments, which is why we refer to it as duo core. The other core fibre is polyester, which ensures that the jeans keep their shape and don’t get saggy.

To prove how flexible the denim is, we asked a professional gymnast to show off his skills on the pommel horse while wearing a pair of Super Stretch jeans.


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